When you go to a website what is the first thing that stands out at you?

The Photos, what is there for you to look at. Photos on your site have a big chance of engaging your visitors. Giving a visitor something pleasing to look at increases the chance of them further looking into your site. It is so easy to tell when a company is using stock photos and anymore people are tired of seeing it, and as a company the last thing you want is for someone to ask you about our photos and then you have to tell them they aren’t really your own.

For the most part, if your photos aren’t appealing right away, the visitor is simply going to ignore them. Once your visuals have been disregarded, all that is left is information and too much information can drive a viewer to became overwhelmed and in the end leave the site without gaining anything that could help them or you. It is so important to have a good balance of photography and well worded information to keep your viewers engaged and entertained while on your site. Show them what you can do while leaving some breathing room.

Another drawback with stock images:

There is a chance your competitors may be using the same photos. If a potential customer sees a photo on your site that they had seen on a competitor site, it may lead to some confusion. This is why, having your own photos personal to you and your company is so important. There is no chance for duplication this way. Your photos are unique to you.

From a customer view point, it is also nice to be able to see familiar faces. For example: A customer is on your site and can see you and the people you work with. They get in touch and end up working with you. When they come in to meet you, they will see faces that they recognize. They will notice that you guys were the people in the photographs.


Photos tell a story.

Photos are one thing that people hold near and dear to their hearts and utilizing that from a business perspective can be very beneficial. And your online presence is all you have to draw someone in, so make it something that is going to cause your potential customers to feel something. Drawing out that emotion in people is a big part of why photographers so what they do, so you can see the photo and feel. Playing off of those emotions is what is going to make people remember you and your company. Show them photos of the team working together and loving what they are doing, and when they come in, once your online presence has sold them on you as a company, they will come in and see, this is the genuine feeling this company gives off. They love what they do and they care about their customers. And that’s the best thing to portray as a company.

And to think, you can do all of this, by just simply having your own photography and showing people who you are, for real. Not hiding behind some blank stare stock photos. By showing real people, doing real work, and enjoying what they do.

Many clients approach us in need of their very first E-Commerce website, or at least their first modern website. Clients just beginning to build a web presence for their business are often in need of quality photos of their product offering, as there wasn’t much need prior to the online business boom.

Ultimately, my job as Atomic’s resident photographer is to take pictures that will lead to sales. With that in mind, I try to capture how the item is supposed to be used, the key selling points and the benefit ownership will provide to potential customers. This Apple ad for their MacBook Air perfectly communicates both the key selling point and the benefit of ownership – http://www.apple.com/macbookair/ This ad for the Kammok brand hammock very clearly demonstrates how their product should be used and the benefit of ownership – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1615737438/kammoktm-no-longer-bound-to-the-ground

Along with encouraging sales, a compelling photograph can communicate tangible qualities about the product in question, including its size, weight and build quality. Good photography should also give the potential customer an indication of what it will be like to use the product; what it’s like to hold it in his or her hand. – http://www.stoneriveroutdoors.com/knives/ceramic-folding-knife-titanium-handle.html

As a professional web designer, I’ve often been forced to incorporate outside pictures into my existing web designs. While I am able to create compelling web designs using someone else’s pictures, I usually have an idea of what kind of image will work well inside my design and I love that Atomic often gives me the opportunity to artistically combine the pictures I took with the design I created.