Drive quality traffic to your site with the goal of growing your leads. Keywords are the key but content is king!

The way we see it, SEO is about content, coding, and keeping up with Google’s ever-changing algorithms.

At Atomic, we build sites that are optimized for search from the code up. And we develop strong content that answers your customers’ needs. We tie the two together in one SEO strategy grounded in competitive analysis, keyword research, and phrase optimization. We follow that with ongoing search engine marketing that brings traffic to your website and builds solid customer relationships.

Is Search Engine Optimization a good strategy for you? Consider this:

  • Is your audience is looking for a specific keyword or phrase through search engines?
  • SEO has lasting power, that means once you are ranking well for a term it is more difficult for your competition to oust you.
  • Creating  new content as part of your strategy will drive your brand as a leader in the industry.
  • Google’s search ranking changes reward companies that only use quality methods of boosting your ranking.

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