After months of strategy, planning, and production, we’re happy to announce the launch of Atomic Interactive’s new website.

Nearly everyone on our team touched the site in some form or fashion. Ryan, Alexis, and I worked on the creative concept and strategy, and Curt and I came up with the design. Eric and David worked on development, and Zach and Ryan handled strategy and execution for search engine optimization. Curt pitched in with his camera on photography, and Marshall created the great line drawings that accompany our client testimonials.

We feel like the site is a great representation of Atomic’s overall capabilities. We’re proud of the work that each member of our team did in pulling it together, and we think the site really showcases each person’s individual talents and reflects their knowledge and creativity.

In addition, building the site gave us a chance to work with some of our favorite creatives in the region. People like Kenny Mosher with Showdown Visual, who produced the killer video on our home page; Jason Joseph, who shot the additional videos throughout the site; Sam Enslen at Dragonfly Editorial, who lovingly wrote the many pages of copy; and Ben Prince, who did the Flash programming for the home page. Thanks guys, you’re awesome.

A couple things we’re especially proud of are the Work section, which allows users to filter and view our work samples by date, industry, and type of service. We built this on WordPress with custom plug-ins that categorize and tag our work. We’ve improved the search, which also runs on WordPress. And we feel the blog is better than ever. It’s now easier to navigate, makes better use of archives and categories, includes its own search feature, and has a multiple author system. These are all components we build for our clients everyday. It’s nice to see them shine on our site as well.

To sum up, let me thank everyone on our team one more time for the creativity and dedication they brought to this project. You’ve helped create a site that really reflects where Atomic is in 2011. You’re what makes our company – and our new website – great.

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