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…because every picture tells a story…

When you go to a website what is the first thing that stands out at you? The Photos, what is there for you to look at. Photos on your site have a big chance of engaging your visitors. Giving a visitor something pleasing to look at increases the chance of them further looking into your […]

What Marketing Certifications Should I Have?

3 Marketing Certifications Every Business Should Have So, what does every business owner want? If I had to guess, it’s more leads and conversions (unless you’re that guy who purposely wanted to throw me off.) You need leads and conversions in order to have a business, but how do you get those leads? Let’s say […]

Inbound Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

What is inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is the practice of bringing customers to you, rather than you trying to go to them. Its methodology is customer centric and typically includes SEO, blogging, videos, and valuable content. Traditional marketing is typically associated with cold calling, cold emails, and is disruptive in nature. Traditional marketing became so […]

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How to Perform Keyword Research

Content is King, but Keyword Research Takes the Crown Most people are familiar with keyword research, but for those of you who don’t, keyword research is when you research various words and phrases that people may enter into search engines. Keyword research is important because these terms can help you formulate an effective content and […]

How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign

What is Email Marketing & Why is it Important? Email marketing is a method of marketing that is meant to reach audiences through the use of email. This is usually done in conjunction with advertisements, newsletters, free resources, or other means in order to build a relationship between your company and the customer. This is […]

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Top SEO Mistakes

3 Common SEO Mistakes Ranking your web pages on search engines are usually the foundation to any digital marketing strategy. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to properly execute a solid SEO plan. This article is meant to provide you a quick and easy list that addresses the top 3 SEO mistakes and how to […]

Why High Quality Photos Matter For Your Website

A picture can really speak volumes in the digital world. You grab your laptop, tablet, or phone and decide to get online. No matter what website you land on, they will all have (the good ones that is) something in common; relevant and high quality photos. You probably have some basic marketing knowledge and have […]